Skins is a very popular game as it can be played with a wide variety of players, and can be played with or without handicaps.  The idea behind skins is to score better than your opponents with a par or better on as many holes as you can.  In the event of a tie (which is very common), the skin carries over to the next hole, making it worth twice as much.  Until there is an outright winner, the skins will keep accumulating, leading to some high-pressure moments.


  • Players try to score the best they can each hole.
  • Each hole is worth 1 skin.
  • If no one wins the skin for the hole, it carries over to the next hole.
  • There is no limit to the number of holes that a skin can carry over.
  • The player with the lowest score on each hole, assuming it is par or better, wins the skin.
  • If the player with the lowest score does not make par or better, the skin is not won, and is carried over to the next hole.
  • Once skins are won, a player cannot lose their skins.
  • Skins are totaled up at the end, and each player is paid out based on how many skins they’ve won.