Inclement Weather Policy

During periods of inclement weather such as high volumes of rain, frost, lightning and abnormal cold or extreme wind, Golf Course Management makes a decision whether or not to cancel play and close the course. Fortunately, we have very few days during the year when cancellation of play is necessary. At the time of suspended play, the course is officially closed, and no golfers shall be permitted to tee off.

Call the course to see if play is allowed 231-832-5616


Golfers may choose to play in light rain. However, there are times when significant rainfall will over saturate the golf course leaving it susceptible to damage. Depending on the amount of rain, the course may need to be closed completely for a period of time. Be mindful, we will close the course in heavy rain. Call before driving out to the course.

Lightning Safety

If there is a risk of lightning play MUST be discontinued. The Intimidator Golf Course is not responsible for the safety of any golfer on the course, and it is therefore your responsibility to remove yourself from any situation which you deem dangerous


Playing golf in frosty conditions can cause irreparable damage to the playing surfaces. When spring thaw

is evident play will be delayed or postponed, thereby reducing the possibility of damage to the grass. 

Please understand the staff does not control nor can they predict Mother Nature. They do not know how long it will be until the frost clears, the fog lifts, the rain subsides, nor the lightning stops. Please be patient and considerate during these times.