Thursday/Tuesday Men’s Golf League 2021 Rules



Standard “Rules of Golf” prevail except for the following committee rules



1.  DOUBLE PAR-To speed play, maximum strokes counted will be double par on any hole, EXCEPT ON PAR 3’S. If the winning team has not been determined, continue to play until a winner has been determined. Then pick up your ball. If you pick up your ball because of double par and your opponent plays his ball out, you both get double par and you lose the point. Also make sure to put PU on the scorecard anytime anyone picks up because of double par. NO DOUBLE PARS ON PAR 3’S

2.   FLUFF RULE- Your ball may be moved 6 inches, no closer to the hole, anywhere on the course with no penalty, but certainly not on the green.

3.   UNPLAYABLE LIE-A ball in an unplayable lie may be moved closer to the fairway by 2 club lengths. This is a 1 shot penalty.

4.  HOLE 4 RULING- If you hit 2 balls in the pond on hole 4, you may proceed to the drop zone next to the bridge and continue your play. Penalty shots added of course.

5.  HOLE 9 RULING-Balls are considered “out of bounds beyond the white stakes on hole 9. You may take a “line of flight” drop with a 1 stroke penalty. If you hit your ball into the hazard two times, you may proceed to the drop area, which is next to the bird house, and continue play. Just a note, the boundary stakes on hole 9 start in the woods at the dogleg (pine tree) and continue all the way past the bunker that is along number 9 green. Any ball past that boundary (number 7 fairway) is out of bounds and will result in a one-shot penalty and a drop.

6.  LEAGUE MEMBERSHIP-The League will consist of an even number of teams. Past league members will receive priority membership in the event we have too many teams.

7.  TEE TIMES-Teams will tee off at 6pm every Thursday. All teams should be at the course and ready to play 15 minutes before their tee time. If a player or team is late, let the next foursome play through. If both teams show up before 6pm you may golf earlier. The earliest that teams can tee off is 4:45pm.

8.  POINTS PER HOLE-Points will be based on a 21 point per hole system. 2 points per hole and 3 points for team totals. Total points will determine the winners of each hole and also the winners of the game.

9.  HANDICAPS-Handicaps will carry over from the previous year. New players will be averaged after each game. Maximum handicap will be 18 strokes per player figured on an 80% factor.












10. FORFEITS/SUBS/NO SHOWS-Team members will be responsible for getting a sub. If not, they will be penalized as follows.

a. Forfeit - If a team fails to show up at the course and have not made prior substitute or match arrangements and have not notified the league of such arrangements, they will forfeit 9 points. This will result in the opponent team lowest handicap player playing the match paired up with the forfeit team’s lowest team handicap player from the previous week, two players play. So the opponent team lowest handicap player will play the missing team lowest handicap players last week score. The missing team or forfeit team receives 0 points. Also, net points determine who wins the 1.5 medal points.

b.  If one team member does not show and does not get a sub, they will forfeit 9 points and the member that is present plays for 9 points against the opposing team member with the lowest handicap. Also, net points determine who wins the 1.5 medal points.

c.   If you get a sub you must pay for your subs league fee and his golf fees.

d.   Subs are eligible for Flags (Proximities) on the night they sub. Subs cannot participate in Skins and Jack of Spades.

e. No shows – If you do not play a scheduled round or do not show up to play, you forfeit picking a Jack of Spades for the prior round. Your partner cannot pick for you.

f. No Shows – If you know that you are not playing on the day of a scheduled league round, call the course as early as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute. The course may be able to get a substitute to play for you.


11. BALL IN THE HAZARD-When a ball is hit into the woods, you may look for it for up to 2 minutes. If a ball is not found you must use the “line of flight” rule where it entered the woods. You may move your ball 2 club lengths from the hazard and must take a 1 stroke penalty. YOU MAY LOOK FOR IT FOR UP TO 2 MINUTES.

12INCLEMENT WEATHER-If there is inclement weather, Mark will make the call if we play that night by 5pm and that involves all teams. Inclement weather is normally rain/lightening or cold weather. If it is 40 degrees or higher we will play. If it is lightly raining (garden variety) we will play. Mark will make the final decision.

·      If there is a rainout, there will be no skin refunds.

·      If a team leaves because of playable rain or cold weather, they will forfeit the round. The opposing team will play the round and rule number 10-A will determine the scores.

13.  PAR 3 STROKES-No strokes will be given on par 3’s.

14.  LEAGUE PLAY-OFFS-No double par rules in league play offs. We will play every hole out.

During a championship round there is a tie between the two teams. The teams will play a sudden death hole to determine the championship.

15. Gimmes - One putter grip length is a new league rule. Your opponent will let you know when you can pick up your ball. Do not assume you can pick up your ball because of an old legacy practice. One putter grip length

16. Double Par - Picking up your ball. NO DOUBLE PARS ON PAR 3’S
When playing a hole, sometimes a player might reach double par. If that player picks up his ball and declares double par he cannot win a point on that hole. He has just forfeited his point on that hole. NO DOUBLE PARS ON PAR 3’S. When the score is recorded please put PU (picked up) next to his score.  This will tell the secretary and the scorecard recorder that the ball was picked up. This is important and if you do not include PU under that score, the secretary and scorecard recorder does not know that this happened and it could cost a team points.

The bottom line is……..if the ball is picked up because of double par, place PU next to that score. NO DOUBLE PARS ON PAR 3’S


17. Selecting a Ghost Team - Odd number of teams in the league.

A.    The team playing a ghost team will play the team just behind them in the standings. (The team chasing them) They need to play well to keep that team back of them in the standings.

B.   If one ghost team member does not show and does not get a sub, they will forfeit 9 points and the member that is present plays for 10 points against the opposing team member with the lowest handicap. Also, net points determine who wins the 1.5 medal points.

18. Make up rounds - make up rounds will be scheduled prior to league play. If you know you are not playing or cannot play and you would like to play a make up round, it must be played before the scheduled league round. Call the course to make arrangements with your opposing team.

19. Emergency/course injury – If a player has an emergency and has to leave the course, we will use the scores tabulated for that round and add the remaining scores from a previous round. The previous round scores will be recorded from either the “front or back” round depending on where the player is that night. If there was a birdie in the previous scoring, that score will be changed to a par. The player is not qualified to win a skin.

20. Qualify for gold tees and red teesIf you are 62 years of age you may hit of off the senior (gold) tees. If you are 70 years of age you may hit of off the red tees.

21. Long puttersLong putters may be used in the league as long as the player does not anchor the putter.

22. Flag in or out on a greenYour decision. PGA rule.

23. jumping holes due to slow playNew rule. There will be no jumping holes. Stay in line and enjoy your round.