1. If a league golfer has to leave the course with an injury or emergency. How do we score the round?

If a player has an emergency and has to leave the course, we will use the scores tabulated for that round and add the remaining scores from a previous round. The previous round scores will be recorded from the "front or back" round. If there was a previous score that was a birdie, that will be changed to a par. The player is not qualified to win a skin. 

2. If a golfer turns 70 within the league calendar year, he should be considered for the gold tees as he is old enough to qualify. 

Example: A golfer turns 70 in April and qualifies for the gold tees when the league starts. Another golfer turns 70 in October and feels like he is 70 years old. Should he qualify for the gold tees at the beginning of the current league year?

Unanimous vote was YES


3. During the championship round there is a tie between two teams. How do we break a tie?

One suggestion, because of time constraints, determine the winner by how they finished in the league standings. The higher team would win. 

Unanimous vote was SUDDEN DEATH to determine the round. 

 4. Can a player use a long putter in the league?

Yes, as long as it is not anchored

 5. Can you leave the flag in while putting? 

You decision, it is legal

 6. Last year we had teams jump holes because of slow play. 

No hole jumping this year. Enjoy your round and stay in line with your scorecard. 



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The Intimidator Golf Course is a wonderful venue tucked back in the woods of Barton Township. Opened in 2003, this 9-hole course is open to the public and located in the Huron-Manistee National Forest. Carved out of the ancient hills of western Michigan by Mark and Tracy Lenahan, this 60 acre course will give a savvy golfer a run for their money.

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