2018 Rule Changes


1 Revise league rule #10-a

Add to current rule 10-A : The missing team or forfeit team receives 0 points and the opponent team wins the 3 medal points plus their round score.

This rule was voted in!

2. Revise rule #12……….Weather related cancellations

If there is inclement weather, Mark will make the call if we play that night by 5pm and that involves all teams. Inclement weather is normally rain/lightening or cold weather. If it is 40 degrees or higher we will play. If it is lightly raining (garden variety) we will play. Mark will make the final decision.

If there is a rainout, there will be no skin refunds.

If a team leaves because of playable rain or cold weather, they will forfeit the round. The opposing team will play the round and rule number 10-A will determine the scores.

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3. Add to Rule 10 – NO SHOWS

If you do not play a scheduled round or do not show up to play, you forfeit picking a Jack of Spades card for the prior round.

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4. Make-up rounds Add a Rule - will be scheduled prior to league play. If you know you are not playing or cannot play and you would like to play a make-up round, it must be played before the scheduled league round. Call the course to make arrangements with your opposing team. No Skins!

This rule was voted in!

5. Add to Rule 10 – NO SHOWS

If you know that you are not playing on the day of a scheduled league round, call as early as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute. The course may be able to get substitutes to play for you. Call the day before……not the same day if possible.

This rule was voted in!

6. Revise rule 15 –Gimmies

Gimmie rule change—Putter grip length mandatory all player and teams. No Exceptions! No Birdie or Eagle gimmies period!

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7. Revise rule 16 -- Double Par - Picking up your ball

It was decided that there will be No double pars on Par 3 holes. Players will play out each hole and record their score.

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8. Revise rule 4 - If you hit 2 balls in the pond on hole 4, you may proceed to the drop zone next to the bridge and continue your play. Penalty shots added of course. Hole number 4

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Balls are considered “out of bounds” beyond the white stakes on hole 9. You may take a “line of flight” drop with a 1 stroke penalty. If you hit your ball into the hazard two times, you may proceed to the drop area, which is next to the bird house, and continue play. Just a note, the boundary stakes on hole 9 start in the woods at the dogleg (pine tree) and continue all the way past the bunker that is along number 9 green. Any ball past that boundary (number 7 fairway) is out of bounds and will result in a one-shot penalty and a drop.

This rule was voted in!


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The Intimidator Golf Course is a wonderful venue tucked back in the woods of Barton Township. Opened in 2003, this 9-hole course is open to the public and located in the Huron-Manistee National Forest. Carved out of the ancient hills of western Michigan by Mark and Tracy Lenahan, this 60 acre course will give a savvy golfer a run for their money.

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